release bulimia

Beyond recovery. Towards liberation.


Why we are here

Growing out of the work and writing of Stephanie Syd Yang and Blue Jaguar Healing Arts, Release Bulimia is a community space for collective healing + liberation for queer, trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming folx + people of color whose bodies carry past or present day experiences with self- harm and eating disorders.

Through creative healing spaces — both in person and online - Release Bulimia elevates personal stories to transform eating disorder recovery into a practice of collective liberation, in order to generate possibility for all bodies to thrive.



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 Our Values

Release Bulimia is more than a healing modality. It is an envisioning of another world — one where social and political oppressions carry no weight, and where personal, collective + ancestral trauma does not dictate who and how we are. It is a practice space where all are invited in to experiment and discover what liberation feels and looks like in their bodies — and begin to dream that into being in their relationships, families and communities.

We work within a healing justice, harm-reduction centered framework.

There are 4 key values that drive this work.

01. Silence is taboo

Secrets gain power in silence. In breaking the practice and social expectations around silence, we shatter the belief that shame is a necessary companion on our healing journeys. To release shame is to reclaim power.

02.Everything is possible

Even in the spaces and moments when it seems the least possible, Release Bulimia holds space for something you have not yet even dreamed of, as possible. This is not just about recovery. It is not just about shifting behaviors. It is about finding your freedom in your body, your breath, your appetite, your desire and in so much more.

03. Your body matters

You exist — in all your complexities, contradictions and beauty. You are here. There is no right or wrong way for you to exist. We honor and hold all of the pieces, recognizing the magnificent ways our physical bodies take up space, confront oppression and work damn hard to keep us alive. Your embodied experience on this earth matters.

04.ouR Stories will set us free

To share a story that lives in your body, is to offer others a gift of healing magic because it allows us to see more and more of ourselves reflected back amidst the chaos. What if we could truly know, in every cell of our body, that we are ok and never ever alone? By sharing our stories, especially those not valued by mainstream narratives, we create a world where each of us hold value and truth.


“May all of our stories set us free.”

Stephanie Syd Yang  |  Founder