Healing Workshops + Community Learning

We partner with individuals and organizations to design + lead workshops and healing justice centered interactive healing + learning spaces. Request a workshop in your school or organization - email: info@bluejaguarlove.com.

Sample Workshops + Speaking topics:

Decolonizing Self Care

Food, Bodies + Liberation

Sexuality + Spirituality

Queer + Asian + ?: Loving up on an intersectional identity

Getting Free: Embodied practices for surviving oppression

Personalized Support + Intuitive Counseling

We support individuals through one-on-one, couples and small group private healing sessions. Schedule a free consult here.

What folks are saying about work with Syd:

“Working with syd has helped me accept all the parts of me. My queerness, my intuitive abilities, and the realities of my trauma. It doesn’t just end there. Syd empowers me and helps me see that I have the power to heal and care for myself as well.”

“Syd is helping me unlock and release ancestral baggage stored in my body. They are guiding me through a forest of shadowy patterns and leading me to form healthier habits. I leave our sessions with a divine sense of wholeness.”

“Working with Syd is a game-changer for me. Through their wisdom, skill, and heart, I have immediate access to my higher self, and my potential for healing and transformation. Syd’s presence not only gives me strength to face whatever scary thing is arising, but helps me connect with my internal resources so I can create, lean in, and embody the full spectrum of my being.”

Online Creative Practice Space

In 2019, we will be launching Embodying the Seed, a new online community healing practice space for people of color living with mental illness and eating disorders. This practice space will center the experiences and voices of queer / trans / non-binary folx and people of color.

More information and registration coming shortly!

Stay tuned!